DSCL Open 2014 Finals Event Impressions



uThermal re-signs with AT

News from the transfer market: last week AT Gaming announced that Marc ‘uThermal’ Schlappi, reigning DSCL Open champion, will stay with their team for another year. AT’s e-sports manager Dennis Lemmers is glad to keep uThermal on board, and says that Marc “has been of immense value to the squad and his teammates and we are happy this value will be prolonged.”

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The Battle for BlizzCon

The grand finals of the World Championship Series, at BlizzCon in the second weekend of November, is the most prestigious tournament to win and it is not surprising that many players are seeking to earn one of the highly contested entry tickets into this 16 player tournament. Just like last year, WCS points are the key to BlizzCon. With the regional WCS seasons only having the Ro8 (EU, NA) or Ro4 (KR) remaining and just Dreamhack Stockholm as a third party event to earn points in, the picture of who will be participating is starting to become clearer. But there is much to be fought over yet. Read more..


Videos from the IeSF-qualifier

Those who have missed the IeSF-qualifier last Saturday, can now watch all the matches on our YouTube-channel! uThermal, Jona, SwitchBack, NEEK and Leffen definitely showed matches worth watching, like this deciding best-of-three between Jona and uThermal:

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