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Harstem @ IEM

Last Wednesday marked the start of the 3rd event in the 9th season of IEM. This time located in San Jose! Even though Harstem was unable to qualify through the European Qualifiers (he got eliminated by Welmu and later in the loser’s bracket by ForGG) he was given a wildcard to participate in the open brackets leading up to the group stages. Read on to see how he did!

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The hunt is on – volunteers for 2015

The Dutch StarCraft League has had a great year in 2014, with not just one but three events: the Spring Invitational, the DSCL Open and of course the recent Bootcamp. Our thanks go out to all the volunteers who have made that possible!

We’re also looking forward to 2015 a lot. In the year of Legacy of the Void we’ll once again host three events. There are currently a lot of vacancies in our organization however. Time to start drafting!

If you’d like to be on the front lines of Dutch e-sports, consider being a volunteer for the Dutch StarCraft League! There’s something to do for everyone, whether you’d like to be an admin, news writer, or work on videos or even join the Executive Team. Check out the Volunteer Info-page for more information on the current vacancies, and feel free to contact me with any questions. Also: help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!


Legacy of the Void – Zerg changes

We’ve already covered changes to general multiplayer and the Protoss and Terran races that were announced at BlizzCon, so now it’s time to wrap up this four-piece series with an overview of what the swarm will be mutating into in the upcoming expansion.

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