DSCL Invitational - Finals between Ret & uThermal



Legacy of the Void beta launches today!

Do you feel that thrill in the air? That excitement that always builds up once another expansion for StarCraft is starting to take form? Well: that’s no accident, since TODAY the closed beta for Legacy of the Void will launch! A selected few people will get access to the beta – let us know in the comments if you’re one of them.

In the following weeks we should be seeing a wealth of information about the current state (mind you: it’s just a beta!) of LotV, and we’re looking forward to it a lot :).

Sign up for the beta right here if you haven’t done so already!

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uThermal vs. Ret today!

Are you ready? Today, in Rotterdam, Team Liquid’s Ret and AT Gaming’s uThermal will meet again! This time it’s a best-of-three for €300. Will uThermal take revenge on Ret? Or will the old master prevail once again? RotterdaM and Jona will be casting, so whoever wins, the audience WILL be entertained :)

Come to Rotterdam this afternoon and visit Gamer’s Heaven – all info is right here. If you can’t make it, tune in around 14h/14:30h to Twitch.tv/DSCLeague! We’ll be hosting the Gamekings broadcast of Gamer’s Heaven all day.


Legacy of the Void closed beta announced!

On March 31st the closed beta for Legacy of the Void will launch! Are you excited for those new LotV-units? Blizzard said that they started the beta earlier than normal so the players can assist in testing. We are seeing more transparency from Blizzard than ever before.

Not only will the beta feature the new units but the promised economy changes and the new unit scan range will also be implemented. Archon mode is ready to be tested as well!

Check out the video and blog post from Blizzard if you want to know more. LotV-hype, here we come!

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