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VODs for qualifier #4!

Last Wednesday Rbvh beat Pattex in a back-and-forth finals, to become the 4th player to qualify for DSCL Bootcamp! Together with Ichiroku, Genix and Thalandros he will be coached by Jona and Grubby for a full weekend. There’s still two qualifiers left, so sign up now if you haven’t already! And check out the VODs if you want to gauge the competition :)

There’s games from Miauw, Pattex, iznobest, DarkTilRisen, Frixy, prosaladtoss, BackWash and of course Rbvh!


VODs for qualifier #3 live

Did you miss last Sunday’s broadcast? Want to see how MaZe/Fuelled/Thalandros (the man with many names) made short work of all his opponents? Then check out the VODs on our YouTube-channel!

Here’s the playlist with games from the qualifiers:


Calling all Dutch StarCraft-teams!

On November 22nd and 23rd we’ll host and broadcast DSCL Bootcamp, an event where 6 sub-master players will be coached by professional gamers Jona and Grubby. More than 50 Dutch players have already signed up for the qualifiers!

Among the participants and viewers will be many Dutch players anxious to improve their StarCraft-skills, and we imagine a good portion of them could be interested in joining a team. We would really like to encourage that, so we’d like to give as many Dutch teams as possible the opportunity to promote themselves during DSCL Bootcamp! Are you running a team, and are you looking for new talent? Then read on.

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