DSCL Open 2014 - LIVE - GROUP D - Golden, FeaR, GoOdy & JayPower



“I really want to get champion of Dutch StarCraft League”


Time to tune in for another DSCL Open broadcast ladies and gents!

Tonight at 19:00h CET we’ll show you some exciting games from Group D, featuring Golden, FeaR, GoOdy & JayPower!

The Korean Zerg “Golden”, one of tonight’s high profile players, is pumped up to show his strength, saying “I played since 4years ago (when GSL Open season) and I won one championship Redbull Training ground and I really want to get champion of Dutch StarCraft League.”

From each group, 2 players will advance to the second group stage. Which of today’s players do you think will advance on?

As a reminder, the complete broadcast schedule can be found on this page.

Do tune in tonight to our Twitch.tv-stream at 19:00h CET, where Frank and Weiman will be casting an amazing set of games!


Congratulations Sjaak and Hanfy

With easter behind us, you would almost forget a group stage has been played and broadcasted last Sunday. Group C showed us their fight to succeed to the next group stage (round of 16). These fights were quite convincing and left nothing to our imagination about who were the strongest two players in the group. Sjaak won his first two matchups (against Hanfy and Daz) making him the group winner.
Hanfy might have lost 2-1 against Sjaak, but his following two matchups (against JackO and Daz) were won with a solid 2-0 victory. So yet another Dutchy is through to next round and onother kicked out. Good Luck Sjaak and Hanfy!


Group C broadcast today at 14h

Quick reminder for those of you who are not at The Party or spending time with the family this weekend: there’s a broadcast today at 14:00h CET! On the menu will be Group C, featuring JackO, Sjaak, HaNfy & Daz. That’s two Protosses, a Zerg and a Terran. Sjaak is the only Dutch player in the group – will he show us the same level of play as in the qualifier and at the DSCL Spring Invitational?

Check out the player page to learn more about the players in this group. Who do you guys expect will make it out?

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