DSCL Open 2014 Finals Event Impressions


IeSF Basic

Dutch qualifier for IeSF World Championship

From November 12th through 18th the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) will host the 6th World Championship, and StarCraft is one of the games that will be played! The Dutch E-sportsbond is the local chapter for the IeSF and will organize a qualifier on September 20th to determine who will represent the Dutch at the World Championship uin Baku, Azerbaijan. The winner of this qualifier will get their flight and stay in Baku payed for by the E-sportbond – how cool is that? :) And don’t forget about the $10.000 prize pool at which our Dutch contender will have a shot. Read more..


uThermal barely misses out, coming 3rd

Yesterday the Dutch Terran uThermal played in his WCS Europe Round of 32 group. Competing against the DSCL Open 2014 champion were the German Zerg TLO, Finnish Protoss Welmu and Russian Zerg Livezerg. In the first match of the night, uThermal managed to beat Welmu 2-0 through effective use of SCVs. On the other side of the bracket, TLO had no trouble beating LiveZerg.

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SC2 does IBC 4 ALS

Too many abbreviations. Anyway, both Harstem and Grubby got nominated by Lowko to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Never backing away from a challenge, they accepted! Grubby nominated Stephano, uThermal and DeMusliM to do the same within 24 hours. Harstem on the other hand nominated Patience, Golden and his GF&BFF4LYF (sorry, couldn’t help it) Nicki Minaj.

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