DSCL Open 2014 Finals Event Impressions


IeSF Basic

IeSF-qualifier today at 11 – tune in!

Today five Dutch players will be duking it out in Epe! Why? To see who will get to represent the Netherlands at the $10.000 World Championships hosted by the International eSports Federation!

These will be our contenders: NEEK, SwitchBack, uThermal , Jona & Leffen. Who will take the spot, and get his flight and stay in Baku payed for by the Dutch E-sportbond?

Tune in to the DSCL-stream to find out! The matches will start at 11:00u, and BelleNOiR and yours truly will be commentating :). Hope to see you in the chat!

Update: congratulations to Jona for qualifying! In a final grudgematch against uThermal he managed to take the win. He’ll be going to Baku!


Battle for WCS points at DreamHack Moscow

Last weekend the DreamHack caravan pulled over in Moscow for a two day stop. While the number of high level participants was lower than at previous DreamHacks, there were still a significant number of good players from Scandinavia, Ukraine and of course Russia itself, who made the journey to Moscow, joined by a sizable Korean delegation. The slightly weaker playing field made this event an excellent opportunity for players to snatch some highly desired WCS points. With the last regular WCS season underway, DH Moscow and the upcoming DH Stockholm are the last opportunities to obtain enough points for that BlizzCon ticket.

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WCS Ro16 with Harstem!

Tonight Harstem is going to face off against a group full of foreigners in the WCS Season 3 round of 16. The first match Harstem will have to play against Liquid Bunny who won the Gfinity G3 with an impressive  4-2 victory over HyuN in August. Harstem qualified 1st of his group in the round of 32 (just like he did the previous season). He took out the Korean Terran jjakji and the Ukrainian Terran Kas. Read more..

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