DSCL BOOTCAMP: Be coached by a pro

DSCL Bootcamp



Second qualifier tonight!

It’s Wednesday the 22nd, so tonight at 19h CET the second qualifier for DSCL Bootcamp kicks off! If you still want to play make sure to sign up a.s.a.p. – it takes time to process your entry so if you want to be able to play tonight make incredible haste :).

If you’re not playing (or if you got knocked out), tune in to the stream on our official Twitch.tv-channel! We go live at 19h and yours truly will be casting together with the incredible BelleNOiR. Lots of fun will be had, looking forward to it. Good luck everyone!

Update: congratulations to Robin ‘Genix’ Koerts for qualifying tonight! He barged right through the brackets and beat epikfaal 3-0 in the finals. Great play by everyone tonight, hope to see you all in the next qualifier!


Announcing our second coach: Grubby!

We’ve got some amazing news! Our second coach at DSCL Bootcamp will be none other than Manuel ‘Grubby’ Schenkhuizen, the prime minister of Dutch e-sports. He brings with him a wealth of experience in StarCraft and competitive gaming in general.

Together, Jona and Grubby will form a coaching team extraordinaire for the lucky 6 players who qualify for Bootcamp. There are still 5 qualifiers left, so if you speak Dutch and are Bronze to Diamond League: go SIGN UP NOW!

Of course the event will be broadcasted too, and the stream will be a must watch for those of you looking to improve your play. Let’s all get coached together! Tune in on November 22nd and 23rd!


Ichiroku wins first qualifier for DSCL Bootcamp!

Today the very first qualifier for DSCL Bootcamp has been played at TheReality. Several enthusiastic players signed up, but it was Sem ‘Ichiroku’ Wong who prevailed! He won the finals against Leon ‘BackWash’ ten Tije after an exciting Zerg vs. Zerg-match. BackWash made an impressive comeback after getting hit hard from the start, yet in the end Ichiroku managed to take the series by stopping a 1-base all-in from BackWash. This means Ichiroku qualified for DSCL Bootcamp in November!

“Why am I not masters yet!?”, exlaimed today’s champion, in a post-victory glorificatory stupor. Well: he’s about to get all the help he can get from our two coaches Jona and… someone who’ll be announced VERY soon!

Do you want to be at DSCL Bootcamp too? There are FIVE qualifiers left. Those will be played online and will be streamed on our Twitch.tv-channel. GO SIGN UP NOW! And bring your friends :).

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