DSCL Open 2014 Finals Event Impressions



SC2 does IBC 4 ALS

Too many abbreviations. Anyway, both Harstem and Grubby got nominated by Lowko to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Never backing away from a challenge, they accepted! Grubby nominated Stephano, uThermal and DeMusliM to do the same within 24 hours. Harstem on the other hand nominated Patience, Golden and his GF&BFF4LYF (sorry, couldn’t help it) Nicki Minaj.


WCS Europe round of 32

In the upcoming weeks 32 players will be fighting for a spot in the WCS EU Premier League Finals. Amongst these players you’ll find Grubby, uThermal and Harstem representing the Dutch!

Starting off, uThermal has a tough group ahead of him. Facing off against one of the best European Protoss players Welmu. Will uThermal be able to defend against the pure aggression coming from Welmu? His group will be played on the 26th of August!

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Grubby to semi-finals HK e-sports Tournament

A tournament that has mostly flown under everyone’s radar is the currently ongoing Hong Kong e-sports Tournament 2. The second edition of this tournament involves an online stage leading up to a finals event with the top 4 in Hong Kong at the end of the month. The total prize pool is $10000 and 1800 WCS points. The Dutch were well represented in this 16-man tournament, with both Grubby and Harstem participating in the online tournament.

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