Legacy of the Void – Terran changes

In previous articles we looked at the general multiplayer changes coming with Legacy of the Void as well as changes specific to Protoss. Now it’s the Terrans turn. Keep in mind that the announced changes are not final and we’ve seen from Heart of the Swarm that many things can change between the first announcement and the actual release.

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DSCL Bootcamp VODs are live!

DSCL Bootcamp was awesome! Many thanks to all the players, the coaches, the crew, the audience and of course our sponsors Cooler Master and HyperX!

I really think we captured some solid StarCraft knowledge from the coaches on video, and the good thing is: you can now watch all of it on our YouTube channel! Go check it out and subscribe if you want to stay up-to-date. The playlist with all video’s from DSCL Bootcamp is right here, make sure to check out the Team Battle too – it’s really fun :).


DSCL Bootcamp Day 2

We’re back for day 2 of DSCL Bootcamp! After yesterday’s ‘lecture series’ from Grubby and Jona, we’re changing things up today. First we’ll have a Q&A session for the players, in which they can all ask a specific question to the coaches. After that it’s time for competition, as we head into the TEAM BATTLE! Team Jona will be taking on Team Grubby, and there’s even a chance that the coaches themselves will get their hands dirty :).

Just like yesterday we’re giving away lots of goodies to the viewers, so join us today at 14h!

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