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Cooler Master <3 DSCL in 2015

Good news everyone! You may have already guessed it from the fact that the DSCL Invitational will be held at their headquarters, but now it’s official: Cooler Master will continue their sponsorship of the DSCL in 2015! Cooler Master has been our sponsor since before the DSCL even existed, and their help has always been pivotal. This year they will once again provide us with financial support as well as computers for our players to play on at the offline events. And remember all that hardware we gave away last year? Well, there may be some more of that too :).

From everyone at the DSCL: thanks Cooler Master! If you want to thank them as well, why not send them a Tweet or message on Facebook? I’m sure it’ll be appreciated :). Go go e-sports!

Hoi Auke!

Sign up now for DSCL Invitational!

Did you hear about our first event of 2015 yet? It’ll be the DSCL Invitational, featuring the very best Dutch StarCraft players and a €600 prize pool. And the cool thing is: there’s TWO ways for you to actually be there!

1: Qualify for one of the two open seeds via the qualifiers on February 18th or February 25th. Do you speak Dutch? Then go sign up now!

2: Come to Cooler Master headquarters in Eindhoven during the event. Visitors are more than welcome to come watch the games, say hi to the players and share e-sports stories with fellow fans. Sign up here!

Hoi Auke!

DSCL in 2015 – we’re BACK!

Time to finally reveal our plans for 2015! Hell – it’s about time :). In 2015 we will be back in full force. Once again, we will host three events throughout the year, and offer year-round news about Dutch StarCraft on the website. Are you Dutch and do you like StarCraft? DSCL got you covered!

Our three events will be the DSCL Invitational (March 7&8), the DSCL Open – our flagship open tournament, and finally another edition of DSCL Bootcamp. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any of it!

For more info about the upcoming DSCL Invitational, check out this page. The best Dutch StarCraft players will gather in Eindhoven – and YOU can be there!

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