DSCL Open 2014 Finals Event Impressions



Ret and uThermal aiming for WCS Premier League

Next week 32 players go head to head in the Challenger League to determine who advances for the Premier League in the 3rd season of WCS 2014.

Day 1 (29 July 17.00 CEST) features the first Dutchie trying to get into the Premier League. uThermal dropped to Challenger League last season so he has to battle his way back to Premier League. To do this, he has to beat sLivko. The Russian Zerg player barely reached the Challenger League through the Wildcard qualifiers because 2 more slots opened (Krr got suspended and BabyKnight retired).

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DreamHack Valencia Report

Just over a month after the previous DreamHack event, the Swedish tournament organizers already moved to the next location on their list, Valencia, Spain, to create yet another event on their 2014 DreamHack Open tour. While the individual events themselves are already premier tournaments, they lead into the grand finals at DreamHack Open Winter, where the top performers of this year’s events will compete.

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DreamHack Valencia

A new DreamHack adventure is about to start with a 64 players open bracket. DreamHack Valencia is going to feature 6 Dutch players in total. Three of them (Jona, Optimus & aGaham) Have to battle their way through the first group stage to get to the already seeded Dutch players Grubby, uThermal & Ret. The tournament is featuring a wide array of Koreans so our Dutch competitors won’t have an easy road to the finals.

One thing is for certain, this DreamHack is going to be a blast.

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