DSCL Invitational Trailer - March 7 & 8



Meet the players: Optimus

Kiko Sanrodji: Can you briefly introduce yourself for the people who don’t really know you?
Optimus: My name is Optimus I am a 19 year old Dutch Terran player playing for team AT Gaming.

Kiko Sanrodji: What are your expectations for this tournament?
Optimus: Both Harstem and Jona are the group favourites but I think I can make an upset. I hope for a top 3 but my first goal is to advance from the group stages.
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Dimmert replaces Sjaak!

Sad news today: Sjaak had to cancel his participation to DSCL Invitational. Fortunately  Dim ‘Dimmert’ Dros was willing to take his spot! The 17-year-old from Mouse Control gets what’s coming to him, after making it to the finals of the qualifiers both times. He saw Marsman and then JayPower take the win, but by taking Sjaak’s place he’ll get the ultimate chance for revenge :).

Remember: if you want to be at DSCL Invitational next weekend, get your tickets now! Only about half of them are left at this point.



Groups DSCL Invitational announced!

All 8 players for the DSCL Invitational have been decided! We’re proud to have an awesome line-up consisting of: Ret, Harstem, uThermal, Jona, Sjaak, Optimus, Marsman and the winner of the final qualifier – JayPower!

On Saturday March 7th, these players will be split up into two groups. Only the two best players from each group will advance to the play-offs on Sunday, so right from the start our combatants should be on their toes. These are the groups:

Group A: uThermal, Ret, Sjaak & Marsman
Group B: Harstem, Jona, Optimus & JayPower

For the full brackets check out Liquipedia, and remember: if you want to visit the event get your tickets NOW! Read more..

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