DSCL Open 2015 Kickstarter



WCS Challenger announcement

Today at 17:00 CEST the brackets for WCS challenger will be decided from the player pool consisting of those qualified from WCS Premier Season 1 and players that got through the qualifiers. The ‘old’ players will pick their opponents from those who qualified through the qualifyers, and afterwards we will finally have the player matchups for WCS Challenger season 2.

uThermal, Ret and Harstem have all qualified and will be representing the Netherlands in WCS Challenger. You can watch the live drawings here.


VODs for DSCL Kickoff

Did you miss DSCL Kickoff? Don’t fret: all the matches are now available on YouTube.com/DSCLeague!


DSCL Kickoff today!

It’s time: today we’re kicking off the season for the DSCL Open with DSCL Kickoff! We’ve got some of the best European StarCraft players to play a little show-invitational for you – in Legacy of the Void beta :). The players are TLO, uThermal, Snute and Harstem, and casting will be RotterdaM and Jona. This. Will. Be. FUN!

Tune in to Twitch.tv/DSCLeague at 14h CEST for fun AND for goody contests with hardware from HyperX and Cooler Master!

Update: congratulations to TLO for winning DSCL Kickoff! If you’ve missed it: go check out YouTube.com/DSCLeague, the VODs will be up there soon.

In other news